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Man And His Moon...
  • Submitted: 8 years 5 months ago
  • Taken date: 2009-05-29 21:01:15
  • Original file: 936 x 655 px
  • File size: 1.8 MB
Description: ...and the last one turn off the light, please.


Submitted: 8 years 5 months ago

Date: May 29, 2009

File Size: 281.4 KB

Resolution: 936x655

Original Size: 1.8 MB


Without Exif


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Comments: 10        Replies: 9

Gabriel F wrote in Jul 19, 2010, 7:32:33 PM

Is someone would turn that light off we wouldn't be here no more posting and coment pictures Ben.But as you well put it all this is surreal.

Ben Goossens replied:

Thanks Gabriel:-)
We better let the light on then!

Miguel Silva wrote in Jul 20, 2010, 12:19:28 AM

Wow...Genial. Congratulations.

Ben Goossens replied:

Thank you Miguel:-)

Red/benjamim Leandro De Medeiros wrote in Jul 20, 2010, 12:20:27 AM

beautiful picture very good superb ... hug

Ben Goossens replied:

Thanks very much Benjamin:-)

Maria João Arcanjo wrote in Oct 14, 2010, 8:02:04 PM

each one has its own... mine does not have a string and for that reason i sometimes loose it...
Brilliant work Master Ben!

Ben Goossens replied:

thanks maria:-)

Kevin Ng wrote in Oct 17, 2010, 2:47:47 AM

Wonderful Ben - only thing I would have liked to see was texture on the moon as well.

Ben Goossens replied:

Thanks Kevin:-)
The texture was on layer, blending mode "soft light", this cover only the darker colors and not the light ones.

Yongjun Qin wrote in Mar 24, 2012, 3:24:19 AM

I do not care you blush red, I am your followers! :)

Ben Goossens replied:

Thanks again dear Qin:-)

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